It can happen that your family grows faster than you ever bargained for!  Thankfully, whether it’s a traditional bungalow or a terraced townhouse, there’s a lot that can be done to reimagine your living space. Even a relatively newer home may need expansion as your family grows. A home extension brings with it more storage space and an opportunity to build your home around your good habits — so you can do more of the things you love. An open-plan home can mean more connection with the family, and a visceral sense of expansiveness which, combined with modern architectural knowledge, can improve your mood and wellbeing. 

When Your Family Grows – Open Up Your Space

With a traditional house, we often have heavy blockwork cutting out all the sunlight from entering your home. By adding in modern features you can create a greater sense of space and let more light into your home. We can replace that old blockwork with steel frames. These enable exciting new possibilities to your home. With greater support, you can have much larger windows and sliding doors that give your home a connection with the outside. With modern glass technologies, the glass will help naturally heat your home during the day and keep it well insulated in the evening and night. 

Home extensions

If you have the surrounding space available, you may want to build a two-story extension. For many families, this can often double their living space. Of course, the larger the extension the bigger the project. We start with what you need and wish for your dream home and then we support that vision with plenty of technical thinking. The most important thing is to have solid foundations. We unfortunately work in an industry where many providers are prone to taking half measures and shortcuts, knowing that the cracks won’t show in their work till many years after they’ve upped and left. We always make sure to go deep in everything we do. We help you re-create a space that will last a lifetime. We go over and above expectations to ensure that you remain delighted with your home for decades to come. That’s why we provide aftercare for our newly built renovations, redesigns and extensions. And we’re so confident in our work that we provide a ten year warranty for all new builds.