Extending or renovating your home is already such a huge commitment, it shouldn’t feel like a battle with your builder. When you’re working with a builder who is already difficult to reach during the build or remodelling, it’s often an exercise in frustration to have them back to fix the job. Often, as far as they’re concerned, the moment they receive payment their work is over and done with. The trust you place with a builder is serious. Unfortunately, it is the norm for builders to see their work as a mere transaction with a customer. There’s often a lack of respect for the trust you place in them. There’s often a lack of concern for their responsibility and little care for the stress such a big undertaking can create in their client’s life.  

We’re as Committed as You Are

From the first day that we work with you, we are thinking about things from your perspective. We will do whatever is necessary to reduce stress and disruption.  Our commitment to our clients is about respect. We are committed to reducing disruptions that often occur during the build, and the many hours when you have builders in your home. It’s there when you have issues that can occur after we leave. It’s there when you have fixtures, fittings and finishes which can have their own faults and problems. For us, the day of the handover is not the end of our relationship with our client. 

A Commitment to Client Satisfaction

We know how it feels to have to chase after someone when you have an issue. This shouldn’t happen. We have a team dedicated to supporting you after the handover. Whether you’re at the beginning of your experience or years into it, we’re always just a phone call away if you need anything. We offer a 10-year warranty on every extension and renovation we perform. If there’s anything you need, you won’t have to chase. Your needs will not be an afterthought. With one conversation, a full-time team member will be on the case. They will take responsibility for your problem and ensure that your issues are quickly addressed. And as with everything else we do, when we find an issue, an oversight, or an error on our part, we will find what went wrong and try to seek out a solution so that it never happens again.