Over the years, we’ve helped many hundreds of families to build their dream homes. What we set out to do with Sigma Homes was to vertically integrate every critical part of a design and build under one roof. Seeing the inefficiencies of the Irish building industry and how it negatively affected the lives of homeowners, we brought everything together. And today, you can think of Sigma Homes as an architectural firm, a design company, a planning department, and an engineering company. As a quantitative surveying company. We take care of the electrics and plumbing. And we’ve consistently completed these projects on time and within budget. To this day, we have never missed a deadline for a handover. And with credit to our team, it’s all done with unmatched efficiency. Our average turnaround time for a complete renovation project is less than twelve weeks. 

Transformations Inside and Out

Our mission is to transform the building industry. To bring out the best of the old and integrate it with the new. To solve the problems our clients face. The delays. The disruptions. The chaos that occurs when you have dozens of separate contractors. And too often, those contractors don’t treat the client as a priority. So as our knowledge has grown, it made sense that we started offering supplies for kitchen fitting and tilings. One of the exciting things about working with Sigma Homes is that the whole team are always working on more ways to change the industry. Our next move is to offer more solutions for interior design.  Now we’re ready to integrate even more stunning solutions for our clients. We will help our clients even more with creating spectacular interiors: remarkable fixtures, fitting, furnishings, and expert advice for our clients.

We’re very proud of the work we do. Creating beautiful homes that impress from the outside. Pushing the limit of what’s possible—always seeking new ways to take advantage of the available space. Creating stunning transformations inside and out, on everything from country cottages to three-bed semi-detached houses.  Every year things have gotten better. So watch this space. There’s a lot to look forward to, offering even more for our clients. More scope. Greater possibility. More light. Unmatched functionality.