As you probably know, we’re big fans of the open plan design here at Sigma Homes. An open layout has such a massive impact on light, sound and the atmosphere of a home. Here are some of the reasons why we believe this layout is often the best choice for your main living areas.


One of the things we’re all sorely missing in this digital age is the sense of family. The open plan layout allows a greater sense of presence. While mam or dad is busy making dinner, the kids can watch their favourite show. Open plan means everyone is not segmented away into different rooms, and this can also allow for a bit more flexibility if you have young children.

Bright Light

Ireland is known for constant rain and heavy cloud cover. Sunlight is something many of us are deficient in, so the more we can allow into our lives the better for our health and mood. An open-plan layout bathes your home in natural light. This is a huge mood booster which can also help to passively heat your home.

The Pros of an Open Layout: Having People Over

If you like to have get-togethers with your extended family or enjoy hosting parties for friends, the open plan concept can be a godsend. It allows everyone to be together comfortably.
While typically we design open-plan homes to have a visual sense of separation between the different spaces and their functions, you can fuse them together with just a few tweaks. For example, you can combine the living room and kitchen seating to ensure everyone feels like they’re together and people don’t have their backs facing each other. For larger get-togethers and parties, it can also be nice to have little nooks in the open-plan layout for people to break off into smaller chats. Everyone can chat away while you prepare snacks and meals for attendees. It all feels very seamless and natural.

Finding the balance in open plan living

Suppose privacy and alone-time are essential for you, or you are sound-sensitive. In that case, you may prefer to have separate spaces for everyone for noisier activities such as watching their favourite tv show or cooking. The open plan concept can still be adapted to ensure that everyone’s needs are met, while still enabling a greater sense of connectivity in other areas that suit you.