Your Building Energy Rating (BER) signifies the energy efficiency of your home and we should all strive to have the highest BER possible. Doing so will bring value to you and your home while also positively impacting the environment.

A home’s BER must be updated every 10 years. An up to date BER allows you to best understand your energy usage and cut out unnecessary waste. Sigma Homes are happy to help with your BER assessment and we will improve your current rating.

Here are some ways to increase your BER and the benefits it will bring to you and the environment.

Use Renewable Energy

Solar panels are becoming an increasingly popular method of improving a home’s BER while reducing its carbon footprint. The un-sustainability of fossil fuels has never been more apparent and renewables are a great way to future-proof your home. Solar energy produces zero greenhouse gas, automatically increasing your BER and saving you money in the process.


With energy costs rising, the value of an efficient BER is higher than ever. It is estimated that due to rising energy costs, a BER of grade A or B can add up to €60,000 to the value of a home. Insulating the external and cavity walls of your home can significantly increase the amount of heat retained within your house. You will be burning less gas or oil to keep your house warm and your BER will improve as a result. You can also insulate your attic to prevent heat loss through the roof and internal walls for even more heat retention.

Upgrade Windows and Doors

Outdated windows and doors are another cause of heat leaving your home and money leaving your pocket. Old windows with inefficient glazing allow heat to escape causing you to burn more oil and gas to heat your home. Very often, windows and doors are not properly sealed and need to be upgraded. The most cost effective method of improving your BER is by changing to double or triple glazed windows and upgrading to composite doors. Composite doors with steel frames and insulated cores are the most efficient and add security to your home. Installing improved window and door systems will increase your BER and the value of your property.

Sigma Homes can help you achieve any of the above upgrades. Contact us today if you are curious about how much your BER can improve.