When you find a promising home that’s full of potential but in need of renovation, you may be confronted with a big fear. Many potential homes in Ireland are quite old and dilapidated. Dampness is almost universal in any home that’s more than twenty years old. You have cracked, weakened and caving mortar walls and plaster, and rot affecting the roof and other crucial parts of the structure. There’s potential, but to succeed at building your dream home, you need to renovate.  

The Big Fear With Old Buildings

When renovating, one big fear is that once you’ve stripped away the old to make way for the new, your property is now laid bare. You can see things that were impossible to see beforehand. Suddenly, the builder has uncovered hidden issues with the structure. This is also a moment when a builder could get overwhelmed or intimidated. They may suddenly become busy with other jobs or leave you altogether. And at this point, stripped away, your property is at its most devalued.

Dealing With Challenges

It’s not uncommon to discover unconnected structural walls hidden behind the plaster. If you were to build new walls and interiors over these weaknesses, you would risk a lot of stress and heartache in the future. A builder could continue the planned renovation without addressing these underlying issues. Doing so would mean that parts of the house could start to shift and crack long after the builder has forgotten about you. Really, when renovating, the big fear is that you won’t have the right people by your side to support you. 

We’re With You All The Way

As renovators, we think about our clients’ experience in terms of decades, not months. It’s important to us that we address any potential issues early, correctly and within budget. When we begin a project with you, we are as committed as you are. During the initial stages of renovation, we may uncover structural issues in a build. This will not stop our team from delivering an outstanding home built to last a lifetime — and all within budget.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way. The real challenge with creating your dream home is not structural. It is down to having the right team with the right amount of enthusiasm, determination, knowledge and skill to step up to the challenge. What gets us going every day is to see our clients’ reactions when they step inside their completed home for the first time.

If you’re considering renovating your home in the future, you can contact us on 021 4365866