A new build offers different opportunities and challenges compared with a home renovation. Here are a few advantages, disadvantages, and things to consider in between when approaching new builds.

The advantages of a renovation

While the clearest advantage of a new build is freedom, it also means you may be starting completely from scratch, which can include planning permission and other legal barriers. You will be choosing everything from your location to your layout and building materials. When you are doing a home renovation, many of the planning matters are often already dealt with, and so you can focus on how you’d like your home to feel, from the space down to the fixtures and fittings, all to suit your needs and your tastes. Depending on the type of renovation you have in mind, you may be able to upgrade insulation with or add an extension with modern materials, with the right materials you can also enjoy lower running costs. And while the initial costs are significant, at least you can expect not to spend on redecorating or repairs for a few years.

The disadvantages of a new build

As with any construction (or home renovation) project, one of the greatest risks is who you hire to do the job. Unfortunately for consumers in Ireland, the supply does not meet demand. Because of huge demand, contractors do not have to provide exceptional quality or service. They simply have to show up. It’s essential to do your due diligence. Check forums, online reviews, and Facebook. Try to find contractors who have a proven track record. Be wary of relying solely on word-of-mouth referrals. One person might have had a great experience with a contractor on a kitchen redesign, but that doesn’t mean they’re able to meet your requirements for your project.

When you have a developer in mind for a new build or renovation, it’s no harm in visiting their previous builds so you can at least get some idea of the quality. You can’t rely solely on what a developer says they’re able to do (or even when they recommend another developer). Go to the people on the receiving end. They are the ones who can answer your questions.

Speak to former customers

At Sigma, we have built a growing base of happy clients around Cork.

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Some happy clients have been kind enough to leave a builders review

“Overall I found Sigma Homes very very good to deal with, they have been very approachable, they are a nice bunch of lads and we will actually miss them. We will miss working with them.”
Kieran Donnelly

You know you’re doing something right working on-site in someone’s home when they actually say they’ll miss having you around! Of course, we can’t promise zero friction. But it’s what we aim for. We’re in a situation in Ireland where it’s easy for contractors to offer average quality and poor service simply because of massive demand and poor expectations. We don’t think that’s fair — and there’s no pride in that. That’s why we decided to take things in a different direction and every day we can finish up for the day feeling proud of the work we’re doing for our clients.

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