Did you ever have that experience when you were younger, where you’d look at people further on in years and think, “I’ll never do that!” And then, lo and behold, the years pass, you change, and you find yourself fascinated by thing your younger self would have rolled their eyes at?

A bit of gardening, anyone?

We’re all different, with our own unique qualities, but we’re also human. So as we move through time, we tend to develop different interests and needs. Some of our interests may change or grow, and the people in our lives change and grow, too. Some changes are more predictable than others; When you’re forty you may prefer more nights in than late nights out. When you’re sixty you’re more likely to choose a rock garden over rock climbing. And so, if you’re planning a long-term renovation or remodel, it makes sense to consider how your needs will change in different life stages.

Asking the right questions

Once you start down that path of inquiry, the questions can start flowing. How do you envision your needs next year? Will you want, or need, a home office or separate workspace? You may have spent more time around the house lately. Does the experience have you wishing for a separate space of your own? Where could you be in ten, twenty or thirty years from now? Do you love where you live or do you dream of being elsewhere in the future? Is the next home renovation one you’re intending to last a lifetime? What kind of surrounding space might ‘Future You’ enjoy — one that requires minimal maintenance, or one that allows you to keep your fingers nimble and green?

What about your loved ones? Where will they be? In what life stage will they be? Will you need space for some of them to visit, or stay? There is also the question of building technology. How self-sufficient would you like your future home to be? Would you prefer a space that gains much of its heat and light passively from the sun?

Finding clarity can sometimes feel overwhelming

So many questions can arise during the early stages of a new build or remodel. Many questions may feel unanswerable, and that can sometimes bring a sense of uncertainty. The feedback we have received from our clients is that having a team of building professionals helped tremendously. We help you find clarity and create a dream home that serves you now and in the future. If you’d like further clarity, give us a call on 021 4365 866.