With the Housing For All plan stating that we require 33,000 new homes per year. Could an increased focus on modern, efficient building practices help the Irish government and private construction companies tackle the housing crisis? Based on our own experience and results, we believe the answer to this is a resounding yes. 

Increasing Efficiency

Delays and miscommunications are not fun for anyone. Re-works cost organisations money and bad processes frustrate clients and employees. At Sigma Homes, we have spent years researching and refining our approach in order to increase building speed and quality. We have treated our processes like organic machines, where each of us composes a part. Every aspect of the work was explored. We sought out bottlenecks. What prevented us from delivering the best quality work faster? We looked at how our teams interacted and use technology to help with our processes and increase efficiency. 

Treat Construction Like Information Technology

We believe the Irish building industry can benefit massively from adopting modern design thinking approaches. Methodologies such as Six Sigma enable organisations to constantly improve their communication and construction methods, just as silicon valley companies like SpaceX and Tesla. Applying these principles across your business empowers every professional in your team to work more smoothly and efficiently. By coordinating more effectively with one another, you reduce delays and errors. This reduces frustrations both for your team and your client and results in much faster building times with far superior quality.