The advantage of doing your kitchen remodelling with Sigma Homes is that we can help you reduce build cost and time while avoiding many of the common pitfalls. Still, if you decide to go it alone, here are a few important kitchen remodelling remodelling tips

1. Don’t Underestimate Your Budget

Of all the kitchen remodelling tips, this is number one. It’s common for people to start a build or remodel with the best of intentions, but no matter how frugal you are, without experience managing a build, there are simply too many factors that can be overlooked or just go wrong. We’ve had clients come to us frustrated after spending way beyond their intended budget before realising they were better off seeking help. If you’re going it alone, it’s not uncommon to pay 40% more than you originally planned. Things do go wrong, there are things you will overlook, and when you’re doing it yourself you’re the one who foots the bill. (This is one of the issues you can avoid entirely by going with Sigma Homes).

2. Don’t Underestimate the Time Involved

When you factor in the design, the build, the inevitable issues that arise, not to mention the appliances, fixtures, managing different contractors, getting them back to fix a bad installation, etc., you are often talking about extended periods of time. Sourcing great, reliable contractors is a job in itself. When you are managing the kitchen remodel with separate contractors, it can be an ordeal getting them to show up in good time, and come back when they’re needed. We have worked with clients whose home became a building site as they waited for unreliable contractors to finish the job they had barely started.

3. Make Sure You Have a Solid Plan

Kitchen remodelling is a big investment in time and money. To get it done in good time, you’ll want to ensure that you have the various contractors in and out in the right order to minimise disruptions. In addition to the kitchen, you may find that there is disruption in other areas of your home too. Also, remember to have a plan for food preparation as there may be times when this is unavailable to you.

Once your contractors get to work, you don’t want to chop and change as you go. This can lead to serious delays and additional expense. It’s vital that you have a clear plan in advance so that you increase the speed of your build while minimising cost and disruption.

4. Don’t Overlook Your Infrastructure

When ordering new appliances and fixtures, it’s easy to forget about the plumbing and electrics. Consult with an electrician and a plumber to ensure that you have adequate access (and capacity) for your water, gas and electricity. This is especially important for older homes which may have outdated systems that are incapable of handling an increased load.

5. Call Us For Advice and More Kitchen Remodelling Tips

If you’re looking for guidance, feel free to call us. At Sigma Homes, we’ve seen the many issues that can plague kitchen renovation projects. We aim to solve these problems, giving our clients a superior quality build, on time and with zero stress. We will help you plan, producing an architecturally designed, high-quality renovation plan for your kitchen.  Because we manage the entire project with our own contractors, we can ensure that everything is completed on time and on budget.

When you arrange a free consultation, we’ll call by, take a look at your kitchen space and offer you some kitchen remodelling tips. There’s no pressure and no obligation. Give us a call today on 021-2348095