Whether you’ve been in your home for decades or only a few years, there will come a time when you’ll think about making a change. Wanting a change can be down to a number of reasons. For example, your family could have grown and you need more space, your children have left home and you have more space to yourself, you could also be considering future-proofing your home for when you become much older or maybe you just fancy a change and want to create something fresh and new.Should I Extend Or Renovate My Home?

Doing up your home can be a tough decision and a prominent question that comes into people’s minds when deciding on a change is “should I extend or renovate my home?”.  When you’re considering any plans, you should set goals of what you would like from your change and also think years ahead of time to consider the needs of you and your family in that time.

An extension is suitable for a growing family or perhaps to cater to an elderly relative moving into your home. If you want to entertain guests by having them stay over occasionally, having extra rooms will come in handy. With all extensions, you need to apply for planning permission. If you get planning permission to extend, it is best to do so instead of moving home. Financially it makes more sense because the cost of buying a new house far outweigh the cost of building an extension onto your current home. They also they add great financial value to your home should you think about selling in the future. Another reason why an extension is perfect for your home is if you want a bigger, more spacious home. Extensions allow for flexibility for example if you happen to want to convert space into something for a particular use like an office or a relaxation room whether that is now or in the future.

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A renovation is perfect for improving the functionality of your home. Some people rush to the conclusion that they need an extension however it can be sensible to look more closely at what you already have and how improvements can be made. It’s important to think about what can be achieved within the property you already have. Cleverly reconfiguring existing space, adding some beautiful furniture, appliances and well-designed storage space will deal with excess clutter doing wonders for your home. Sometimes even knocking down some walls can have a profound impact upon the overall space and appearance of your home.

Deciding whether to extend or renovate your home is a dilemma faced by many but whichever one you decide on doing will be an exciting venture that will change your home for the better. To book a consultation for an extension or remodel in 2019, visit us online today at https://sigmahomes.ie/get-a-quote/ or call us on 021-4365866.