A living room is the relaxation and cosy spot of a home. Whether that is sitting watching your favourite movie or TV show with your family, reading a book or even just having a small nap, the living room is the best location in the house for this. A great living room draws people in, keeps them there for a long time and makes them happier than they were before they entered. What stands between having a good and a great living room is simply the choices you make. Don’t worry we are here to help you. Here are 2 important elements to consider when building a new living room.

Building A New Living Room: 2 Important Elements To Consider


The first thing to figure out when building a new living room is building the right area for your sofa. It’s important to have a seating area and arrangement that makes your home stand out. Think about the size of the room. An extremely large space can overwhelm your living room and can make it look bare whereas a small space can limit the scope for adding things like chairs stools or other accessories. The key is striking that right balance which is what will make the room look beautiful. A great seating arrangement will make the living room look nice and create a great decor in the room. Your sofa will be the biggest outlay in your living room so it is important to pick the right sofa arrangement and don’t have any unnecessary seating.

Finishing Touches

There’s going to be a lot of other elements that come into play to make your living room the best it can be. The finishing touches are more than just small accessories. They are an opportunity to create an atmosphere, build a personality and give a representation of the homeowner. Incorporating different pieces into the overall design of the living room will truly make it feel like your own and you will be very happy living in it. Finishing touches are expressions. All these include things like window coverings, lighting, furniture, wallpaper, paint, rugs and lots of more different accessories can be added. With all these different finishing touches come more considerations like their colour, fabric, texture, patterns and how they balance with everything that is contained in the living room.

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When getting a new living room make sure you choose the right seating and finishing touches that don’t compromise the look or functionality of the room. Start planning to build your dream living room with Sigma Homes by calling us on 021-436-5866 or visit us online today to book a consultation.